Lockly Secure Lux - Mortise



Venetian Bronze Space Gray


No Wi-Fi Hub



The Lockly Secure Lux is our most advanced smart lock and allows access in multiple ways. Like the Secure Plus, you're able to access the lock with your stored fingerprint, Bluetooth enabled phone through the Lockly app, a physical key, as well as a RFID tag.

Professional Locksmith Installation is Recommended for the PGD829.

Product Dimensions

Secure Touch Screen

Secure Touch Screen

Lockly’s PIN Genie® technology ensures that the digital keypad display is unique every time someone approaches your door. While your access code remains the same, the location of the numbers shuffle, making it hard for prying eyes to guess the correct code.

Multi Access

Multi Access

Never get locked out again with our flexible and secure smart lock. Unlock your door with your Bluetooth-connected app, physical key, fingerprint, or RFID card.

3D Fingerprint Sensor

3D Fingerprint Sensor

Unlike other scanners, the Lockly® smart lock can only accept the original fingerprint scanned, preventing the use of lifted prints. This also results in better speed and accuracy, granting access to up to 99 fingerprints in a split second.

Smart Lock Control Made Easy

Search Lockly in IOS App store, download today.

Control From Anywhere

Lock and unlock your door wherever you are with your smartphone.

Real-Time Alerts & Logs

Get notified whenever someone opens or unlocks your door.

E-Key Distribution

Send an eKey to anyone, anywhere, anytime for keyless entry.

Offline Access Code

Share your Offline or One-time Access code with your guests.

Fingerprint Profiles

Easily manage different fingerprint profiles.


Real-Time Alerts and Monitoring

Monitor your smart lock and control access anytime, anywhere with the added PGH200. The Wi-Fi enabled hub connects seamlessly to your smart lock and app, providing live updates whenever you need them.


Wireless Door Sensors

No more worrying about whether or not you shut the door. Our wireless door sensors provide accurate information on the status of your door, whether it’s securely shut or still open.


Available Colors - Space Grey, Venetian Bronze.

Function - Mortise Lock with Anti-Theft System

Door Handling - Reversible

Door Thickness - 1 3/5 (40MM) - 4 3/4" (120MM)

Backset - 2 3/8" (60MM)

Bolt - 3/4" (20MM) Deadbolt Throw | 3/5" (15MM) Latch Throw | Stainless Steel

Working Environment - - 4° ~ 140°F (- 20° ~ 60° C)


View our Installation and User Guide to see if it works for you.

> Download 829 Secure Lux Installation Manual

> Download 829 Secure Lux User Manual

> Download 829 Secure Installation Template

> Download 829 Secure Installation Form


Lockly Secure

Lockly Secure Plus

Lockly Secure Pro

Lockly Secure Lux

Bluetooth Connectivity
WIFI Connectability
WIFI HUB Compatibility
Fingerprint ID
Auto Lock/Unlock
Pin Genie® Keypad
Hidden Mechanical Key
Offline Access Code
Smartphone Control
Temporary Code
Remote Access
Smart Home Integration
DIY Installation
Deadbolt Version
Latch Version

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